Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rondo of Swords

Today I would love to tell you about the latest game I'm playing on my DSi. As you can tell lately I been playing Rondo of Swords published by the awesome Atlus and developed by Success. This game joins the ever so growing list of RPGs available for the DS library.

In this RPG you follow the journey of prince Serdic who must restore his fallen kingdom while gathering allies along the way. The twist is that the real prince Serdic dies in the opening act and you play as his double who must lead his allies to victory against the "evil empire". The general plot reminds me quite a bit of Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones for the GBA.

Rondo of Swords is a SRPG in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, Disgaea and such. However this game has a different mechanic that sets it apart. In the mentioned games you move your allied unit next to an enemy and attack.

In Rondo of Swords on the other hand you move through your enemies. When you execute your movement you will attack all enemies on your path. If you pass through your allies you have the chance of receiving several stat bonuses. Both your enemies and your allied units have the change of stopping the attacking unit on it's tracks. Enemies as well receive stat bonuses when they pass through their allies.

In between missions you can send several of your allies on quests to to get rewards, become stronger, or change classes. During this time you can set your units skills, learn or power up new ones, change equipment or items and change formation.

Another thing that I really appreciate are the cameos from other Atlus published RPGs that you can recruit. In particular a certain unemployed ninja and her big sis.

This game is also on the long side with over 30 missions, two branching paths, and 4 different endings.

While this game gathered average reviews I find it really enjoyable. My only complaint is the difficulty, some missions are harder than they should be for no discernible reason. You can find this game anywhere from $15-30 USD. If you ever find on the lower end and have some money to spare or wanna try a new RPG for the DS give it a try.

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